Bluesbird was founded in 1979, in Oulu, Finland, at a time that was a hey-day of punk-rock and all sorts of new-wave rock acts. Playing the blues was most unfashionable, so it was done only by few groups. Anyway, Bluesbird knew what they wanted to do: in addition to couple of original songs, music of sixties’ blues and blues-rock bands was, and still is, close to Bluesbird guys’ hearts. Names like Cream, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, just to name a few. Bluesbird 1979
Bluesbird  1979 (photo: Jorma Mylly)

A couple of years Bluesbird gigged local arenas and clubs. One of the highlights of the early years, was to play as a Special Guest, in a concert by blues legend Albert King, who also already had been a favourite of the band. The King visited Oulu in 1980.

The end of the eighties brought a little rest period to Bluesbird. Ari Mustonen joined Express, who are one the eldest still working pop bands(founded 1967) in Finland. Hannu Karjalainen also played a couple of years with Express. Timo Nykyri joined Erkki Ja Tähti, a country music act. Timo Tarvainen founded SM-Studio/Soundmix, a music recording studio that still is one of the largest in northern Finland.

The nineties saw Bluesbird flying again, now higher and better than ever. The line-up has remained almost the same since the beginning in 79. A great addition is lead vocalist Junnu Sippola, who joined the band in 1994. Performances at jazzfestivals, Elojazz in Oulu '94 ,'95 and '02, and Kainuun Jazzkevät 95 in Kajaani, and also successful gigs in clubs, have showed that after 24 years Bluesbird is alive, well and kickin.

Bluesbird also played in the great Oulu Pop History -concerts in January 2000, '01 and '02. On 8th June 2000 Bluesbird was the Orchestra of VIP Area in the concert of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Bluesbird played in the Oulu Bright Nights concert, supporting Joe Cocker on 7th July 2000, in front of 10000 People.

Keyboard virtuoso Harri Laakkonen joined the band in the autumn of 2002. Newest member of Bluesbird is vocalist and great blues harmonica player Ari-Pekka Skarp. A-P joined the band in the autumn of 2012..

Nowadays Bluesbird performs only a couple of times a year, due to busy work schedules of its members.

Bluesbird 2000
Bluesbird 2000  (photo: Jouni Meriläinen)


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